You can purchase ranks for Minaj Craft here, these ranks will give you extra abilities and perks in-game. The specific details for what you receive for each rank are listed on each package.

These ranks are permanent will never expire.

Roman Rank 5.00 2.50 USD
Lewinsky Rank 10.00 5.00 USD
Petty Rank 15.00 7.50 USD
Minaj Rank **Recommended** 20.00 10.00 USD
Queen Rank 30.00 15.00 USD
Majesty Rank 40.00 20.00 USD
Bedrock Users: Please Read!
Bedrock users must put a "!" before their username. For example: "!nickiminaj"
New "Harajuku+" now available.

Harajuku+ [1 MONTH]
8 4.00 USD
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1x God Tag ,1x Harajuku+ [1 MONTH],1x Vehicle Crate Key [x1]

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